Taking the Plunge

Wonderful readers: many of you have been reading since the very beginning, over three years ago, when I took the plunge into this public space. You're great, and perhaps a little crazy, for keeping on reading all this time. Sometimes I ramble, other times I disappear unexpectedly, and yet, you stick around to see what comes next. You're great like that; thank you.

Today's a day for thanks of another sort. Today I've got a ring on my finger, a wonderful wife, and a weekend full of amazing memories to carry me. D and I are the luckiest people on earth.

Yesterday was an absolutely, positively magical day. If you live in DC, you know that the weather yesterday was as perfect as DC gets. Not a cloud in the sky. Our friends are the most spirited, funny, loving bunch, and we continue to feel about as blessed as two ladies can get. Now, we're married, and we are simply filled to the brim with joy and blessing.

I guess it just proves some risks are worth taking.

photo by my amazingly talented friend Gaby Schoenfeld.

In my day-plus as a married lady, I've learned that part of the game is heeding your wife's requests. I won't be posting pictures of D. That said, I hope you enjoy the photos I do post, which hopefully will give a taste of how beautiful the day was.

(For all you curious folks out there, I promise more pictures once we have them.)