Thanksgiving Menu Planning

pumpkin1 This year, I'll be out in Michigan for a turkey-filled T-Day with D's family. However, longtime readers of this site know that I grew up in a vegetarian household, and as such, am accustomed to a turkey-less (but no less festive) holiday. Before you scrunch your face into a frown and get all judgmental, let me sing my annual chorus of "it's the sides that really count!" I'm a side-dish gal. I invest my gastronomic pennies in the yams and the stuffing, the mushrooms and onions and pretty red-orange hued fall salad; for me, the sides are the main event, the turkey playing a supporting role (if that). Also, given that I've never actually made a Thanksgiving turkey, you'll have to look elsewhere for that recipe. However, I think it's fair to say I have a proven track record of producing great vegetarian Thanksgiving menus, and that will hold true this year as well, Detroit excursion notwithstanding.

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving-friendly vegetarian mains and sides from the NDP archives:

If that list isn't quite enough, I've also compiled a bunch of great ideas from across the web that I thought you might like:

Hopefully you'll find these resources useful. And if all else fails, remember -- Thanksgiving is about more than perfect turkey and delectable sides. It's about relishing fall before winter sets in, enjoying family and all the drama involved in these get-togethers, playing board games until when you blink you see Monopoly money, and soaking up a rare four day weekend. The food is only part of the game -- don't sweat it.

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!