While We Were Out...

NDP was out of pocket this weekend. After a few very long weeks at work and some serious head-down time, we packed out bags and headed for the lake with some of our all-time favorite people. The goal of the weekend? Simple. Relax.

And relax we did. PJs and yoga pants were worn, and slippers, too. Beds were warmed, eyes were closed, sleep was had. Movies were watched. Games were played (Taboo and Settlers of Catan, our two favorites).

And of course, stomachs were very, very full.

We're back now, and recharged for the week to come.

Before I forget, there's one more bit of delicious news to share: last week, the wonderful team over at Food52 wrote a profile of NDP for their weekly "reciprocity" column. I couldn't be more flattered! Check it out if you have a chance: I'm truly touched to be featured on their great site, and I hope you enjoy the write up!